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1. Reflections - Gareth Hedges
Sometimes a tune just happens, seemingly out of nowhere. As I sat day dreaming and gazing into the flowing Amstel river in Amsterdam I picked up the guitar and the melody played itself.

2. Mirage - Gareth Hedges
Davy Graham was a friend and neighbour in Notting Hill. One day he played one of his eclectic instrumentals and we compared our travel experiences in North Africa and the Sahara desert. I tried to learn his composition but couldn't, so I called this one Mirage.

3. Lute 66 - Gareth Hedges
Driving on route 66 towards Albuqueque I tuned the radio onto NPR and heard beautiful baroque music. Inspired, I stopped at the next exit and wrote Lute 66.

4. May Day Tune - Trad arr. Gareth Hedges
Probably from the 16th century, a haunting remnant from the Celtic tradition. I've slowed it down and to me it feels like it could be accompaniment to a graceful dance.

5. Transition - Gareth Hedges
This piece takes me back to the Middle Ages, it reminds me of prayer or carole but has a more modern feel. It's old but it's new.

6. Water bound - Trad arr. Gareth Hedges
An old time banjo song I first heard at the Ashville folk festival in North Carolina. An area where fiddle, banjo, mandolin and guitar playing in the traditional Old Timey style is thriving through many young talented performers.

7. So Sweet - Gareth Hedges
When I was young I was mesmerised by the Delta blues players. This song is an influence from two great exponents who I became friends with, Son House and Mississippi Fred McDowell.

8. Piedmont Guitar Rag - Gareth Hedges
In Georgia in the early 20th century the Piedmont guitar style was established. Three great players, Blind Blake, Blind Boy Fuller and Rev Gary Davis left us with many challenging tunes. This piece is in honour to the above important musicians.

9. Pearly Brown - Gareth Hedges
Pearly was a powerful gospel blues singer and guitarist who I stayed with in Americus Georgia. This tune is reminiscent of his playing, a lovely man.

10. Travis Rag - Gareth Hedges
Merle Travis was another phenomenal guitarist whose thumb and index finger technique dazzled and influenced many players, including Doc Watson and Chet Arkins. This tune utilises some Travis picking tricks.

11. There But For Fortune - Phil Ochs
My adapation is very different to the original song written in 1963 by Phil Ochs, a prolific singer songwriter of the 1960s, this is just one of his gems.


Sleeve Notes:

A collection of original and traditional folk, blues, ragtime and Celtic instrumentals and songs that reflect Gareth's extensive travels and musical influences.

Total running time 44:44

Tracks 7 & 9 recorded at Memphis Studio, Tennessee, engineer Joe Audette. All other tracks recorded at Tom O'Brien's Avalon Studio Vermont, engineer Ethan Williams

Mixed and mastered by George Nix, Tor Hill Studio, UK

Cover Photo (above) courtesy Dick Baines taken at the Troubadour UK

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