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Candy Man
Gareth Hedges & Lance Bennett


1. Wild About My Loving - Trad. arr. G. Hedges.
Recorded by Sleepy John Estes and Jug Bands in the 20's. This is a faster version.

2. Been Treated Wrong - Trad. arr. G. Hedges.
This song comes from the famous Guitar / Harmonica Duo of Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee.

3. Dark Town Strutters Ball - Sheldon Brooks 1917. Leo Feist Misic NY.
I learnt this from an interesting obscure Kentucky musician, Bill Williams, who was discovered and first recorded when in his seventies.

4. Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out - Trad. arr. G. Hedges.
A sophisticated Jazzy Blues with a mournful spiritual feel, which was popularised by Bessie Smith, and played by traditional jazz bands and skiffle groups.

5. Side by Side - Harvey Woods 1927.
Shapiro & Bernstein Co. NY.
A big hit of the late 20's.

6. Candy Man - Trad. arr. G. Hedges.
From the medicine tent show hit parade of 1902, later immortalised by blind Gary Davis. Also recorded by Donovan, Hot Tuna, and Bob Dylan.

7. Fishing Blues - Trad. arr. G. Hedges.
First recorded by Henry Thomas in 1927, but I learnt this song from my friend John Berger, a fine Ragtime and Blues Guitarist based in Boston, U.S.A.

8. It Was a Dream- Trad. arr. G. Hedges.
Covered by many Blues artists but made known by Big Bill Broonzy.

9. Vipers Drag - T. 'Fats' Waller.
Mills Music 1930 arr. G. Hedges.
A Jazz hit by the fun loving 'Fats'.

10. Stealing - Trad. arr. G. Hedges.
From the Ragtime era, and subsequently recorded by the Memphis Jug Band and later by Jesse Fuller.

11. Leaving Hot Foot - G. Hedges 1991
C.P. Gareth Hedges.
An influence from two great Delta performers Charlie Patton and Robert Johnson.

Candy Man

Sleeve Notes:

Our repertoire ranges over raw delta blues, sweet jazz classics, lighthearted American music hall gems and original compositions.

Our CD release 'Candy Man' captures the magic of live performance, which intrigues and delights our listeners.

Together we create something for both the newcomer to and the connoisseur of vintage American music.


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